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Our Music Projects

demo cover.jpg

Pregnant Pagan

Demo from 2001


The Mulligans

Wanted Dead full album minus the offensive tracks

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Rare Species

Beats off the Backburner. Some very old tracks we made over the years

demo cover.jpg
demo cover.jpg

Vaginal Venereal Vending Machines

by Pregnant Pagan

old demo we made back in 2001 for our band featuring

Andrew Chorney - guitar, vocals, bass

Leslie Chartier - guitar, vocals

Scott Gilmore - Drums, falling down the stairs

rs squad.jpg
rs squad.jpg

Beats off the Backburner

by Rare Species

features works by

Leslie Chartier

Adam Hubbert


Wanted Dead

by The Mulligans

Leslie Chartier - guitar vocals general retardedness

Scotty Shaw - guitar vocals general idiocracy


Betsy the cow

by The Mulligans

Leslie Chartier - Moron

Vincent Mallette - Idiot

Jason - Lost Boy

five senses.jpg

The Five Senses

by Eye Alone

Leslie Chartier - Solo Project

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